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Shea Butter Production Workshop

The following video clips were taken during a 3-part shea butter production improvement workshop at our central training center

   Shea butter making - work song part 1  

   Boiling the shea butter

   Filtering the shea butter

   Shea butter - several stages of production and work song

   Shea butter training session part 2

   Skimming the shea butter  

From Nourishing the Planet's visit to our training center      

   Topic: improving livelihoods        

   Topic: spending a day with ECOVA MALI

   Topic: composting</p>


Music video for the song, "Fantani" featuring Greg, Cindy, and a number of American and Malian friends (circa 2/01) (the 1st 10 seconds have tracking problems but the rest is decent)

Economic and Ecological Viability through Agriculture

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Recent News

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Field Office and Training Center  - November 4 2011
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